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Fine arts of Uzbekistan

The collection of works of the fine arts of Uzbekistan is the largest museum collection. It most fully displays history of development of this type of national art culture.

Completing of department of the fine arts of Uzbekistan began with the middle of the 1930th years when works of artists from exhibitions began to be got. Many of these works were included into gold fund of the Uzbek national art.

The exposition of the fine arts of Uzbekistan shows a difficult and unique way of formation and development of national painting, a sculpture and graphics on an extent more than century history. The works presented in a museum, testify to thematic and genre richness of national art, great professional skills of artists of Uzbekistan, to variety of their creative identity and styles.

The period of the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX centuries is presented by I.Kazakov, I.Karazina, R. Zommer, S. Yudin, I.Rozanov, L.Bure’s works, whose creativity represents great historical and art value. The initial stage of development of the fine arts is connected with their activity, being characterized by an etnographizm that is explained by interest of artists to life, history and an architectural monument.

The important role in formation of the fine arts of Uzbekistan the beginning of the XX century was played by artists: L.Bure, G. Nikitin, O. Tatevosyan, V. Eremyan, E.Korova, A.Nikolayev, A.Volkov, V.Ufimtsev, P. Benkov, Z.Kovalevskaya, N. Kashin, N. Karakhan, V.Rozhdestvensky, N.Rozanov, I.Kazakov, M. Novikov, M. Kurzin.


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