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“Light traditions melodies”

More than ten exhibitions of Ortikali Kozokov were organized in our country.

Works of author were placed in several personal collections and Gallery: USA, Italy, Sweden, Australia,  Germany, Korea, Japan, France as well as 25 country in the world. Master`s works are shown in influential organizations and museums of Uzbekistan. Artist is participant of 100 international exhibitions  and exhibitions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Books, albums, monographs were published and documentary films were taken about work activities of Master.Artist`s personal exhibitions were held: in 1994 in Ismir (Turkey), in 1996 in Moscow (Russia), in 1997 in lyubek (Germany), in 1998 in Nagano (Japan), in 2004 in Delhi (India), in 2007 in Kokhira (Egypt), in 2008 in Ederne (Turkey), in 2012 in Bornmut (England), in 2013 in Inchon (Korea), in 2014 in Salonik (Greece), in 20015 in Kozerta (Italy).

Ortikali Kozokov is scientist of art of the Republic of Uzbekistan, member of  Union art creators in Academy of art of Uzbekistan. Ortikali Kozokov reached to international prizes, diplomas and certificates. Artist teaches the young artists at the National Art Institute under the name Kamaliddin Begzad, as well as he is author and leader of TV program “Muykalam mujizalari”  at TV- channel “Madaniyat ma`rifat” and he leads activity for public works too.

Now 55 works of artist were displayed in his personal exhibition. He personifies the Uzbek customs and traditions with artistic skill and our country`s  holidays are depicted with bright colors in his works. Especially: “Navruz”, “Uzbek fight – kurash”, “Mother”, “The portrait of Gavkharshodbegim”, “The portrait of Saroymulkkhanim”, a row of works of author are devoted to Uzbek national traditions which he expressed with the high respect. In Exhibition he presented his work “Uzbek fight -kurash” for State art museum of Uzbekistan.

Karlo Roberto Shasha, Doctor of Art, professor. Italy:

“However the glance fixed at quiet in his works but his works are created with seething energy”.

Jakdesh Tatler, State and public scientist, large collector. India:

“In works of Ortikali Kozokov  landscapes of life are depicted together imagination and all beings”.

Stenli Weytmas, Mayor of Bornmut city. England:

“Having looked at works of painting master I want to say that he is legendary artist, in his works inimitable forms were created by adding fantasy and life existence which were remained in soul of spectators with good impression”.

Kvong Song, Famous public scientist and businessman. Southern Korea:

“Uzbek artist Ortikali Kozokov expresses eastern customs by inimitable colors of Uzbekistan under the open sky”.