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The partnership of British Council with Ministry of Culture and Sport of Uzbekistan in cooperation with an Academy of Art of Uzbekistan and State Art Museum is organizing the lectures from 25-th to 27-th of March in the State Art Museum, devoted to “The Modern Graphics of Great Britain” in the framework of Henry Moore lithographies exhibition. Leading art consultant and talented artist Sarah Gillett is sharing an international experience and the latest methods of art graphics with the young talents of Uzbekistan.

On her lectures Sarah Gillett is going to tell to the young artists, students and teachers from Kamoliddin Behzad National Art Institute, Tashkent architectural university, Textile Institute and Republic Art college as well about the most creative methods of the modern artistic graphics of Great Britain, using different tools from pencil and paper to digital images and 3D pictures.

During her workshops, participants, inspired by Henry Moore lithographies, will be able to create their own interpretation of the master`s works. Henry Moore made his first graphics in 1931, having been interested by vitally- important elements of art practice.

During his art career Henry Moore created more than 700 lithographies except his sculptures. By the end of the 40-s XX-th century Moore had used his lithographies not only for new pictures, but for development new methods in lithography and etching, including painting, drawing onto transparent film and plastic to build up layered prints. That is why, participants are getting an opportunity to study the Moor`s greatest fascination – the relationship between the artist, the figure and the landscape, and moreover to reveal young artists potential in new graphic ideas. In the end of the workshops, according to the organized program, an exhibition of young artists’ works will be held.

Sarah Gillett is one of the vivid young artists of Great Britain , who collects various Art stories, curiosities and rare samples of fossils, antiquarity. Nowadays, Sarah studies to get her master`s degree in the Royal College of Art in London and she teaches the graphics in the College of Morley as well. The base of Sarah Gillett`s Art is the relationship between a person, his memory, material and the World around us. She is interested in the process of creation, where we can see skills development dynamics. She uses almost everything: drawing, print, tapestry, words, sounds, digital images and find objects to create anthropological signifiers to reveal human nature, that is vulnerable sometimes and harmonically depends on the objects around us.

Sarah Gillett is a 14 year experienced Great Britain artist. She leads lectures and master –classes for British Council and many other international organizations. In the framework of Art Programs she successfully led master – classes on the studies of modern trends in paintings and graphics in Georgia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Montenegro, Albania and Kazakhstan. Besides, she is the chief of the Digital Marketing Online Edition “Culture shock Media”, working with museums, galleries, brand houses and connecting the online audience with the Art.

We are reminding you that the exhibition “Henry, Moore: the master of graphics” is opened in the State Art Museum from the 19th of February till 30th of May. The given exhibition based on the British Council collection introduces us to the masterpieces of the great British sculptor and artist of the last century – Henry Moore – whose works are exhibited not only in the biggest museums and collections, but cities and landscapes around the World, symbolizing contemporarity, universality and nature proximity.