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For the exhibition named “Istiqlol Ijodkorlari”. Personal exhibition of the artist Yan Luylin.

Within the program of the actions devoted annually carried out on September 2-8 “Weeks of the museums”, to celebration of “Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan” the state art museum of Uzbekistan on September 5 a personal exhibition of the artist Yan Luylin on a subject “Istiqlol Ijodkorlari” has opened at 15:00. The artist Yan Luylin was born in 1951 in China. In 1962, the family of the artist came to Semipalatinsk, which artist started to interested in drawing pictures. During the activity the artist has written several articles of the devoted painting, took active part in institute, city and republican art exhibitions.
In 1989 the artist came to Uzbekistan and lived in the Samarkand and worked as the director of the private company. In Samarkand the artist has seen majestic structures, beauty of city landscapes that the strong impression in soul Jan Luylina undoubtedly lert that the artist has expanded geography of the art. At this time in Samarkand the artist with great pleasure creates series of city and architectural landscapes.
After the trip to China the artist creates a series of the pictures devoted to life of the Chinese emigrants. Among them: “Return”, “Chinese in America”, “Tashkent’s Chinese”, » Houses of emigrants”. Having fallen in love with Uzbekistan, in 2000 the artist moves to the suburb of Tashkent where with thirst of search looks for new images for the pictures. Autumn landscapes, picturesque flood plain of the river Chirchiq, settlements in the suburb of Tashkent appear at his works at this time.
Recently the artist is attracted by studying of traditional Chinese painting. According to the author «The Chinese painting – the thought-over activity of the person. She represents only that the main thing for the artist”.
As the artist notes: “He likes to draw really that the viewer has seen the concrete place!” Yan Luylin tries to transfer beauty of the native land that the viewer who has seen a picture like this beauty. Jan Luylin also has told about the dream. The cherished dream occupying thoughts of the person – is a strong source of inspiration. Organizers of an exhibition wish creative achievements and to hope that a personal exhibition of the artist Jan Luylina will be the first step to realization and execution of his most cherished dream.
The exhibition to last 1 month. On opening of an exhibition the famous artists, art critics, teachers and students of higher educational institutions have taken part.