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“Navoiydan kuch olgan musavvir”

Exhibitions devoted to works of art by the national artist Chinghiz Akhmarov under the name of “Navoiydan kuch olgan musavvir”.
The name of the national artist Chinghiz Akhmarov borrows deserved and a place of honor among the brilliant constellation of masters of the arts of Uzbekistan.Works of this great artist, his creativity became an integral part of the fine arts of the Uzbek people and have won wide popularity.The talent of the great artist, width and versatility of interests not only in the field of the fine arts, but also literature, history, music, architecture, constantly attract the rich wide world to Chinghiz Akhmarov not only artists, but people of the most different of a profession and interests. In the late 1920 y. Akhmarov’s family moves to Qarshi, and then to Samarkand. Before Chinghiz as if a gate of the fantastic city of which he dreamed since the childhood have through open. “Samarkand became the original and fundamental beginning of my formation as artist”, – so Akhmarov will tell then The creative works of the artist which have decorated walls of the foyer of opera and ballet theater of A. Navoy became the first bright page of creativity of Chinghiz Akhmarov as sculptor of monuments, the new monumental work by the artist in true meaning of this word. His works also have decorated the Kazan opera and Ballet Theater constructed in 1959 Institute of Oriental studies of the name “Beruny”, Yulduz restaurant, also monumental and decorative panels for an interior of the subway of Alisher Navoy. He as if has recovered the well-known poem by Alisher Navoy “Hams” by means of the brush. In the cloths he creates images “Farkhad and Shirin”, “Leyli and Mezhnun”, “Iskanderova a wall” and. etc.
The visitors of the exhibition: art critics young scientists, admirers of the national artist Chinghiz Akhmarov.
Opening of this exhibition has taken place in the State art museum of Uzbekistan on July 28.2017. At 11:00.